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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 4, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00 the u.s. shows ukraine's new support for leadership. a hate crime investigation at a bay area high school. a report of a transgender student attacked on campus and what they're doing to address the issue. >> a san jose world war ii veteran getting national attention this morning. what he has to say about this viral video. nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. and that breaking news is going on in new jersey. live pictures of where a house has exploded sending smoke into the air. seen as far as 25 miles away. this is just outside of trenton, halfway between new york city and philadelphia. no word yet on what caused the
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explosion. that's where a house use todd be, or whether anyone was inside at the time. emergency rescue crews are on scene. we will bring you any updates as they become available during the newscast. good morning everyone, thank you for joining us. >> i'm peggy bunker. we want to get to the latest in ukraine. john kerry is in kiev this morning showing u.s. support for their new government. within hours kerry met with the acting president and prime minister. he also travelled to independence square where he laid flowers at the memorial for those killed in last month's violence between protestors and police. they called what happened an unconstitutional coup. bill has more. words laced with menace from president putin, there is no need for further military intervention in ukraine, but the possibility still exists. it is a veiled threat. john kerry has now arrived for
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talks in ukraine, a country whose borders are changing. changed by the march of russian troop that's have fired the first shots in their take over of ukraine. they have marched toward russia trying to reach their war planes. soldiers open fired. they warned the ukrainians to stop. they did, but only after least four volleys of gunfire. a dangerous twist in an invasion the president has condemned. >> overtime this will be a costly proposition for russia. the strong condemnation that it has received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> the u.s. is looking at economic sanctions, but does russia's president care? amidst the crisis, russian war
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games lead by president pugh tin, a display of russian power, the timing deliberate. putin defiant. the exercises are not over, the take over is not, nor is the standoff at ukraine's military bases. in his news conference, putin warned that economic sanctions against russia would be harmful because they would ultimately backfire. after going to kiev, john kerry will meet the russian foreign minister. he has his work cut out. nbc news, ukraine. >> the first witness in the oscar pistorius murder trial broke down in tears. she testified she heard the terrified screams of a woman in the night in the home they shared. pistorius says that he thought
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she was an intruder that night. we are now learning new details about an alleged attack of a transgendered student at a bay area high school. they were told just hours ago, promising to make changes. christie smith is live in hercules with the latest. >> they held an emergency meeting for 45 minutes this morning. the teachers, superintendant and police were all there. you may recall this is the second altercation in the hercules middle high school this year involving a transgender student. this was at the end of a class
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period. a transgender teen went to use the boys bathroom. on the way out, he said they pushed him back inside and physically and sexually assaulted him. the superintendant admits that hercules does not have security cameras. we're clearly concerned about why we would have two such egregious incidents in the court of one year, and we're already having plans in place to work on our anti-bullying. our sexual harassment prevention training with staff and students and we will escalate those here.
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>> the counsellors are on hand today to help students, but also the teachers that were upset by this. teachers are reviewing their attendance logs to see if any students were absence or late yesterday trying to find these teen suspects. i spoke with police and they said they're working on the police and don't have any information to share yet. teachers, add min stay tors and students all saying they are horrified and disgusted and they want the suspects caught. >> all right, christie, thanks for the new details. a suspected drunk driver is under arrest accused of slamming his car into several businesses overnight. look at the damage to this honda civic. quite an accident there. the car's front completely gone, debris everywhere. police say the crash happened just after midnight on san pablo avenue. investigators say the car damaged several businesses,
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trees, garbage cans, benches, hitting everything as it drove down the road. the 25-year-old driver was booked for dui and resisting arrest. a woman is saying she is looking for people that attacked her 71-year-old husband out of their home. shawna mora says there was underage drinking and loud music. her husband, michael, asked the group to quiet down and he was attacked. he left with broken bones, a bloody face, and brain injuries. >> a kid came at him from behind and beat him. that is just shameful. shame on him. really. >> the 71-year-old has been in intensive care since the attack, but he is now alert and
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talking. his stepdaughter posted the attack on facebook hoping someone could lead them to who did this if is been shared more than 1200 times. more police than usual are petroling the santa clara university campus this morning after four people were robbed on or near campus. the first was about 4:00 in the morning. just a few minutes later, two more people were robbed. >> one of the victims was knocked to the ground and subsequently struck in the face with the weapon. >> i think people have a false sense of safety in santa clara. it's a gorgeous campus so people feel safe here, but there is obviously an issue. >> police say all of the victims reported a similar looking suspect. they're urging people to walk in pairs at night and be aware of their surroundings. >> the san jose city counsel is
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considering giving the police department to deal with burglary and thefts. one man says his business was broken into twice. he owns a computer service shop. >> i was at home, in bed with my family, i expect the police to help protect the business in our community that help raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> officers say a majority of alarm calls they get are false alarms. pleasanton police are looking for two men that robbed a liquor store. the suspects demanded the cash, and they ran to a get away vehicle. police released this video of the suspects. the one wearing a gray hoody and
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the other is in a black hoody holding a silver colored handgun. police also need help looking for an attempted burglary suspect. he attempted to break into a home on friday afternoon. he was caught on home surveillance video. she associated with this gold suv also spotted in the area. if you know him or have any information, please call fremont police. >> starting today you will see more security at the shark tank. there will be more security in place today through the stanley cup playoffs. small purses and bags will be all that's allowed inside. spectators are being asked to arrive earlier than normally they would. >> let the good times roll, they say.
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mardi gras in full swing. the latest viral video making the rounds. shot right here in san jose. dozens of winners stopping to honor a vet cheering him on. we'll hear from him, next. >> after rainfall overnight, our next storm taking shape over the pacific. we'll give you the details in just a little bit.
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about his new stardom? >> joe bell, we just spoke with him here in his home in the rose garden section of san jose, he seems genuinely taken aback that people, especially young people, are still interested in his generation as evidenced by this video here that has gone viral. he stepped out of his home, he wore his world war ii uniform. this was a moment that bell's neighbor, a mercury news reporter decided to document on her iphone and what she captured was a string of people detouring off of the race course to show their respect to the greatest generation. this is the video that has now appeared on "the today show" and gotting more than 600,000 hits online. >> i'm surprised. i didn't know that were that many people interested in world
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war ii. >> so this morning, we want to learn more about this 95-year-old man. he was born in shanghai. he immigrated to the u.s. served in the army from '42-'46. he retired as a tool and dye maker. what makes him tick? moments like sunday where he appeared in uniform not to garner attention for himself, but to show his respect for all of those runners raising money for this country's veterans. >> there was a lot of good people. there is still a lot of good people. you know that? we always here about the rapeing, killing, and they have all of that, but there is still a lot of good people that i can trust. >> it was just so touching, and i think most amazingly throughout the whole course of the race, it kept happening in
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waves again and again. it just makes you think that all of the runners were really wonderful to give him that kind of respect. >> that was mercury news reporter, julia, who lives two doors down. equally surprised. she said she woke up sunday morning, heard the noise outside, saw what was happening. decided to document that moment, video it on her phone for joe, and she sent it in to where she works as well. from there it took on a life of it's own. live here in san jose, bob redell. >> you watch that and i just get goose bumps watching all of those people approach him. you want to do that every time you see something that served our country like that. and they're thanking him. >> very exciting, bob. thank you. well, it is fat tuesday. that means the party is on in
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new orleans today. colorful beads, costumes, masks, parades all over the city. >> and that's just the stuff we can talk about, right? nothing will stop the party before lent, not even rain. jay grey is there with more. >> reporter: hey there and happy mardi gras. it will rain on the parades today, and it will go into the evening, and it's cooler than normal for this carnival. in the 30s, not expected to get much warmer. a lot of people getting out and enjoying the last day of mardi gras. it's important this party goes off and it looks like it is. no major problems. they are packed, so that is great news. again, it is a party that will continue well into the evening.
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everyone gathering here along bourbon street to say goodbye to mardi gras later this evening. historians say he can shed some light on the recent discovery of gold coins in the sier sierra. a couple found the coins from the 1800s while walking on the property. the total worth about $10 million. historian jack trout tells the "san francisco chronicle" says those could be loot from a gold heist. stolen money was never recovered. many of the discovered coins are in mint condition, and largely in chronological order they could be loot from that heist. is it finders keepers? we're looking into that today. >> can you imagine how exciting that is? nope, have to hand it over. >> i think over 100 years or
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more, you should get it. >> checking in now with anthony slaughter, how is the weather? >> a good, decent amount of rain. most of us slept and didn't see the brunt of it. livermore just shy of three quarters of an inch. the list continues even in san francisco a quarter of an inch. the south bay not that much, but a tenth of an inch is the average. we got rain, good news for our drought, and it will continue to the be the case. we're having a break. cloud cover over the south bay. low clouds are indistrictive of the cold front that moves through earlier. we're not going to clean out a whole lot. here comes the next storm system. taking shape across the pacific right now nap will keep the rain in the forecast for tomorrow and san jose, also san francisco,
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and points around the bay. you notice your difference is not a whole lot different here on the board because when you get that rain you have uniform temperatures but as we head to the weekend, temperatures really start to separate themselves as far as our microclimates go. back into the 70s this weekend. here is the next system i was telling you about. that moves in tomorrow afternoon. start the clock tomorrow afternoon around 1:00, showers move through and eventually tomorrow night everybody gets a taste of wet weather. by thursday morning we wake up with the showers moving out of here and that is good news. thursday is out of the way, let's fast forward all the way to sunday because daylight savings time happens. this happens. this sunday. spring forward, so we lose an hour of sleep. that's all i got. there is nothing good about losing an hour of sleep, just remember to do that before you go to bed saturday. >> we don't have that to spare.
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>> when you get up when we do, about 2:00 a.m., and the sun stays up so late. >> it's tough, right? wh whoa is us. >> ellen broke twitter. >> a police department trying to do the same thing.
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mens warehouse could be close to a merger with joseph a. bank. the two companies are exchanging confidential information and could reach a deal this week. they have turned down men's warehouse before. the back and forth between the two companies started in october when joseph a. bank made bids to purchase men's warehouse.
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we're finding out how much the government shutdown hurt the national parks. the shutdown cost parks at least $414 million in revenue. and parks make a lot of money for their communities as well. the park service said the golden gate national parks generated about $470 million for communities and supported more than 5,000 jobs. by now everyone knows about ellen's selfie at the oscars. it became the most retweeted post in history. however, a local police department says we can beat that. take a look, they gathered for this phototh this morning. i think they're better looking. with this picture they're looking to see how many retweets public safety can get. help us beat hollywood. best public safety picture ever.
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movie lovers will be going to the south bay tonight to quick off the 24th annual cinequest film festival. among the stars there tonight will be our own christina loren. she will emcee the event again this year. it starts with "the grand seduction." they will show about 200 movies over the next two weeks. i recommend "the human experiment."
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